Numerology: Your Life Path Number

I was always fascinated with numerology and astrology, my life path number describes me perfectly.Find out your number and it's meaning...

I was always fascinated with numerology and astrology, my life path number describes me perfectly.Find out your number and it's meaning.

Your life path is your personal number.It shows what kind of opportunities await you and what your talents are.
Just add up the digits of your birthday until only one number remains and that will be your personal number, which is also your life path number.
Example: Jane was born on 22.04.1980. 
So 8 is Jane's personal number,which is also her life path.
What is your number?

Take a look at the numbers and their meaning.
Leave us a comment and let us know what your number is and what you think about numerology.

1.The path of the Leader
In this life your goal is to learn to depend on yourself and to stand firmly on your feet.These people always take things into their own hands.They are very motivated,focused and ambitious but they don't like to take any advice.They also try to be perfectionists and they don't like errors in the work that they do.

2.The path of the Peacemaker
In this life your goal is to master the art of cooperation.These people have great compassion for others.They are natural diplomats and they always try to solve problems between people with compromise.
They are honest,shy and they inspire people around them.They have problems with competition and they do not handle pressure very well.

3.The path of the Entertainer
In this life your goal is to entertain people and to make them happy.These people need a lot of love and attention and they try to get it with their fascinating imagination and creativity.These people seem to live a magical life,full off fortunate circumstances,attracting wealth and success with little effort.They don't like to be bored or lonely.
They may have problems with handling their money, because they can be disorganized and not serious about their responsibilities.

4.The path of the Builder
In this life your goal is to build success with work and effort.These people are very good planners,they are practical and love to see the results of their work.Justice and honesty are sacred to them.
They are very conservative in the way they think and they are often scared of new ideas.

5.The path of the Merchant
In this life your goal is to create freedom by bringing changes into your life and the life of others.
These people like changes.They are very dynamic,flexible,with many talents.....they are born to sell.
What motivates these people is competition and the desire to succeed.
They handle pressure very well.
What could be a problem for them is their messy lifestyle and the love for taking risks.

6.The path of the Teacher
In this life your goal is to create balance and responsibility in your life and in the lives of people around you.
These people love beauty,harmony and peace.They are reliable,loyal and they often take on various responsibilities.They hate injustice and they love fair play.They tend to worry too much about little things.

7.The path of the Loner
In this life your goal is to learn things from personal experience.
These people are individuals.They need time during the day only for themselves.They have a very strong intuition and the power of understanding.
They are perfectionists and they hate to work for other people.
They don't accept advice from others and they hate physical work.

8.The path of the Warrior
In this life your goal is to set small goals and to achieve them through struggle.These people like to fight for power,which makes their life complete.They are strong,tough and ruthless when they want to achieve something.Success does not come easy for these people and they can't get anything without a struggle.
They have problems with showing affection to the people that they care about.

9.The path of the Humanitarian
In this life your goal is to sympathize with the world.
These people want to change the world and make it a better place for everyone.They are charismatic and creative.They are often found to be leaders in humanitarian events or religious sects.They are also very tolerant of the needs and desires of other people.
They can be very impulsive if their goal is threatened.
They usually do not pay much attention to detail.

By Leila

-Various sources-


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