Two Looks with Rose Wholesale

  Hi lovelies! Today's outfits are from Rose Wholesale . They have so many wonderful choices, I always spend a long time on the...

 Hi lovelies!

Today's outfits are from Rose Wholesale. They have so many wonderful choices, I always spend a long time on their website browsing. 
This time have ordered one top, coat and a jacket. I've paired the top with the pink coat to create a chic look and with the padded jacket for a more sporty look.

The padded jacket is a must-have for winter. It's warm, casual but still girly and chic. I love the zipper detail on the sides.

The top is very pretty, a basic that everyone needs to have in their closet. It's so cozy, I'm definitely going to order another color.

The pink coat is amazing. My favorite part are the unique patches and I don't mind that the color is a bit different than pictured on their website. I love it.

Which look do you like better ?

For sales and coupons you can visit Rose Wholesale on their social media pages:

Have a great day!


I am wearing:

Hooded Puffer Coat

Long Slit Slimming Kintweat

Patched Walker Coat

Eightyeight Bag (here) | 7 Charming Sisters Jewelry (here) and (here

*Brought to you in collaboration with Rose Wholesale, 7 Charming Sisters and eightyeight. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Great outfits witch makes you evergreen beautiful.
    please try some unique handmade sterling silver jewelry with beautiful gemstones

    Banithani shop

  2. As I like both your looks I do have to say I LOVE the pink jacket with the patches :D It's so unique and we all need some more color during these gray and quite dull months to lift our spirits so that was a perfect choice sweetie! :)

  3. Ne bih znala da ti kažem šta mi se najviše sviđa jer bih i sama rado nosila svaki komad. Baš sam u potrazi za nekom "klasičnom" zimskom jaknom kao tvojom. Roze kaput je presladak i originalan. Sve ti baš pristaje :) <3

  4. Lovely style Leila! I now know what to get my girlfriend for Christmas! :) Thanks so much for sharing!!

  5. You did a great job at picking versatile coats. I love the pink for a fun surprise and the black one is practical but also super chic! Nice post dear

  6. All about the patch look on the coat!

  7. The 1st look is definitely the winner for me. YOu make it look so comfy and yet so stylish.

  8. Leila, these outfits are so amazing . I can't get enough of them . :) Rose Wholesale looks like an amazing place to shop.

  9. I love the second look! That pink coat is gorgeous!

  10. I really really love the outfit with the pink jacket!!


  11. LOVE these outfits, you look stunning!

  12. I love both looks !! So inspiring! Thank you!

  13. Lovely outfit. Love the coats
    xoxo, Rachel

  14. love your coat! The whole outfit is a bomb


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