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Today I'm wearing my cute bomber jacket   and   top   from Rainbow Shops The bomber is in the color Sage and the  top is aqua. ...

Today I'm wearing my cute bomber jacket and top  from Rainbow Shops The bomber is in the color Sage and the  top is aqua. I'm wearing the top by itself but it looks very nicely when paired with a denim jacket or blazer.
I was in the mood for green and blue shades. Sage is a grey-green color, it's very pretty and goes well with most skin tones I think.

Do you have a lucky color? Have you ever wondered which color that could be?

Below are your lucky colors based on which day you were born and I'm not saying that you should only wear those but maybe consider them when you got to a job interview or have something important to do.

For people born on 1, 10, 19, 28 the lucky color is yellow, gold and orange. Those people have to avoid brown and black.

People born on 2, 11, 20 and 29  have the color green as their lucky color and should avoid red, black and all extremely dark colors.

If you are born on 3, 12, 21, 30 your lucky colors are orange, pink and all shades of purple. Avoided should be dark blue, dark green and black.

For 5, 14, and 23 the lucky color is greay and they should also avoid black and green.

6, 15, and 24 should consider dark blue and dark green as their lucky colors and are to avoid  white and yellow.

If you're born on 7, 16 and 2 then your lucky colors are white, light green, light yellow and light blue. You should avoid dark colors especially red and black.

People born on 8, 17 and 26 have yellow as their lucky color. Dark blue and green can also be good for them. Avoid all dark colors.

And last but not least the days 9, 18 and 27. For them it's the color red that's lucky and they should avoid all light colors.

What do you think of my look? What's your favorite or lucky color?

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Danas nosim preslatku bomber jaknicu od Rainbow Shops u zeleno sivoj boji i takodjer vam predstavljam njihovu majicu u akva boji, ja sam je obukla samu ali ona ide divno ispod jeans jaknice ili sakoa. Bila sam raspoložena za zelene i plave nijanse.

Imate li sretnu boju? Jeste li se ikada zapitali koj boja bi to mogla biti?

U nastavku su vaše sretne boje na osnovu vaseg dana rodjenja i ne kažem da trebate nositi samo te, ali možda da ih uzmete u obzir kada imate neki poslovni razgovor ili nesto vazno da obavite

Za osobe rođene 1, 10, 19 ili 28 sretne boje su žuta, zlatna i narandzasta. Ti ljudi moraju izbjegavati smeđe i crne.

Ljudi rođeni 2, 11, 20 ili 29 imaju zelenu boju kao svoju sretnu i trebaju izbjegavati crvene, crne i sve izuzetno tamne boje.

Ako ste rođeni 3, 12, 21 ili 30 vase sretne boje su narandzasta, roza i sve nijanse ljubičaste. Izbjeći treba tamno plave, tamno zelene i crne.

Za 5, 14, i 23 sretna boja je siva i oni treba da izbjegavaju crnu i zelenu.

6, 15, i 24 trebaju uzeti u obzir tamno plave i tamno zelene kao svoje sretne boje i da izbjegavaju bijelu i žutu.

Ako ste rođeni 7, 16 ili 2 onda su vase sretne boje bijela, svijetlo zelena, svijetlo žuta i svijetlo plava. Trebalo bi izbjeći tamne boje, posebno crvenu i crnu.

Ljudi rođeni 8,17 ili 26 imaju žutu kao svoju sretnu boju. Tamno plava i zelena također može biti dobra za njih. Trebaju da izbjegavaju sve tamne boje.

I na kraju,sretne boje za rodjene 9, 18 ili 27. Za njih je to crvena boja i trebaju izbjegavati sve svijetle boje.

Šta mislite o mom outfitu? Koja vam je omiljena ili sretna boja?

Informacije preuzete sa Astrofon21

Brought to you in collaboration with Rainbow Shops and Stella and Dot. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Nice color

  2. I love the mint green and black look! It reminds me of my favorite ice cream flavor which is mint chocolate chip!

  3. This bomber jacket look incredible on you and the color is just perfect for this time off the year. You are really wearing it with lots of love and the way it looks on you is special. :)

  4. Das ist ja interessant mit der Lucky Color Süße! Also laut deiner Angabe wären es orange, pink und lila. Ich mag diese Farben sehr aber zu einem Vorstellungsgespräch würde ich sie jetzt nicht unbedingt trage, hehe :) Ein sehr schöner Look übrigens! Ich habe diese wundervolle Jacke bereits auf Instagram bewundert und mich direkt in sie verliebt! Hab einen tollen Tag Süße, LG xx

    1. Ja,die Farben sind nicht so gut fur ein Anstellungs Gespräch LOL :))) Vielleicht etwas nicht sichtbares in den Farben tragen ❤️😊

  5. It is interesting, i am born on 16 th... But i think red suits good for my black hair!But my favourite colour is purple!

  6. I love purple, it's my favorite. This blue looks great on you.

  7. according to your post my lucky color is red :D didn´t know that :) in future when i have a difficult challenge I will defently wear something in red :)
    have a nice day

  8. Super schöne Bomberjacke und wie witzig das mit den Glücksfarben ist! Ich soll Grün und Blau tragen, danke für den Tipp! <3
    Liebe Grüße

  9. Totally in love with this Look! The mint Color is amazing with the black. Suits you perfect.

    Lots of Love

  10. You look so gorgeous in this mint green color ! Paired with the black it somehow reminds me of summer ! The bomber jacket is absolutely sensational and fits you so well !

  11. Ha! I am supposed to be green but if we talk about clothes I don't own any green clothes at all. LOVE dark colours - even interior so who knows, maybe when I'm older I'll be more greeen! ;)

    Tatyana x

  12. Aww, apparently people born on the 13th don't have a lucky color... But I still have plenty of lucky ones including greens, blues, pinks and speaking of blue I love that bomber jacket for sure! Love it big time! :)

    1. I consider 13 lucky lol 😊Thanks Thomas,glad you like it.

  13. Beautiful jacket!!

  14. Hey liebe Leila!

    Oh, die Farbe deiner Bomberjacke und des Oberteils ist echt richtig schön, da bekommt man gleich noch mehr Lust auf den Frühling und zu den schwarzen Elemente des restlichen Looks passt derKontrast einfach nur perfekt :)


    Wiebke von WIEBKEMBG


  15. Fabulous outfit!
    Have a nice week-end!
    Gil Zetbase

  16. I love your look! But where is no.13 :O?

    xx frank

  17. Die Farben sind echt frühlingshaft und stehen dir super. Mag die Bomber Jacke!


  18. Ohh die Farbe steht dir richtig gut! Gefällt mir super die Kombi!

    Liebe Grüße

  19. Fabulous look Leila! Your shades are the bizzzzzzzz! :)

  20. That is such a great shade on you, it sets really nicely with your complexion and hair tone. And thanks for sharing my lucky colour, that was all the excuse I need to go shopping!

  21. Omg love that bomber jacket! That color looks amazing on you.

  22. Die Farbe von deiner Bomberjacke gefällt mir sehr gut. Diese Farbe steht dir wirklich total gut.

  23. Was für ein tolles Outfit Süßiiii ��, ich liebe deinen Stil und die Bomberjacke ist megaaaa ��.
    Sehr interessant mit den Daten und der Lucky Farbe ��, bei mir ( habe am 5ten Geburtstag) steht Grau - passt super ��. Ich liebe die Farbe Grau.

    Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Abend und liebe Grüße �� Michaela

  24. Das schwarze Netz-Shirt sieht bome aus!

    ♥ Amy, von

  25. This color looks amazing on you. That bomber is so cute though.
    xoxo, Rachel

  26. Cooler Look. Die Bomberjacke ist Mega

  27. Great post, I very like your combination, you look amazing :)

    new post


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