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So, even though I'm not a plus size I know how hard it is to find clothes. It's hard for any girl but even more if you are a plu...

So, even though I'm not a plus size I know how hard it is to find clothes. It's hard for any girl but even more if you are a plus size. That is why I am choosing some of my favorites for all the gorgeous plus size girls. I think it's so great that Rosegal carries plus size clothes. I especially love their leggings (click more) and shorts (view more) which you can't find that easy anywhere else. They also have some great intimates (see more) that every girls needs. Us girls know how hard it is to find trendy and unique clothes plus size or not.

Plus Size Slit Bowknot Two Tone Babydoll - Black - 5xl

It's so great that more and more stores are carrying plus size items but Rosegal has the most options. Before not many stores carried plus size and it was really hard for lots of my friends to find the same things that I wear. When they would find their size it would be something simple and not as modern and pretty. We used to spend the whole day at the Mall with 100 stores from which only a few carried their size. It was horrible and I felt really bad that they couldn't find anything trendy even in those few stores. Shopping with Rosegal is much easier because it is online and you can shop as long as you want from the comfort of your home. I also love that my friends and I can wear the same stuff, so we be twinnin' :) What do you like more online shopping or going out? I always prefer online shopping. Who wants to walk through all those stores and most of the time I come out empty handed, all the same stuff.

Plus Size Sides Lace Up Flare Leggings - Black - 5xl

On Rosegals website you can browse for many hours because there is just so much to see. They also ship worldwide so no matter where you are you can enjoy their wonderful service. I also love the quality of their items and I really speak from experience because I have so much of their stuff which I always get complimented on. What I also love is that they always have the best offers and deals and really no store can beat their great deals.You can always find coupons and you can also get a lot of inspiration and see how girls and guys wear their clothes on many of their social sites and blog. 
Have you shopped with Rosegal before?

Plus Size Lace Trim Safety Shorts - Black - 5xl


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