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As you probably have noticed influencers and bloggers are getting more and more important for marketing each day. I’m saying influencer even...

As you probably have noticed influencers and bloggers are getting more and more important for marketing each day.

I’m saying influencer even though the word creator is gaining lots of popularity lately. YouTube, Tiktok and Instagram are all using the word creator instead of influencer. Beside their Business account Instagram even has a creator account as a choice now.

What types of influencers are there ?

  • Micro-influencers with up to 100.000 followers.
  • Macro-influencers with less than 1 million followers.
  • Mega-influencers who have more than 1 million followers. 

The newest influencer type is Nano. They have less than 1000 followers and are someone who is active and popular in their community. They can introduce the brand to their family and friends for example. 

Nano influencers have a high engagement rate and they are also thought to be more authentic than the other types. 

What are brands looking for in an influencer and how do they find the right one?

Brands tend to use more real people to represent them than big celebrities. Micro-influencers are very popular. They have a higher engagement rate than the mega-influencers.

They are more trustworthy because they are experts in their niche and people love to hear the opinions of real people more instead of some huge public figures. Take a look at the  influencer spotlight here where you can get some more insight on being a micro-influencer.

Influencer marketing platforms make it very easy for brands to find the right influencer to represent their brand. Of course many influencers also reach out to the brand or the brand contacts the influencer directly but on the marketing platforms it’s easier  because the business can see relevant information about the influencer and they can better decide if they’re the right fit for their campaign. 

Avoid scams by using marketing platforms  !

You can’t even imagine how often scams happen, even though everything looks right you can never be sure. 

Many influencers get scammed by sites pretending to be legitimate businesses or representatives and many influencers also often don’t deliver their content to the brands.

Marketing platforms make sure that everyone does as it’s stated in the requirements.

Will 2021 be as successful for influencers as the years before?

Now, with COVID-19 more people than usual  are using social media and shopping online. 

*It has been reported that 55,4% marketers used social media influencers to grow their business as in 2020 it went up to 62,3%.

*(Source digital information world)

eMarketer states that 72,5% of marketers will use influencers to promote their business.

Why does influencer marketing work?

The brands can gain new audience, increase brand awareness and get honest feedback.

Each influencer creates unique content. They know their audience and what interest them. The people love to hear honest reviews and see videos of products in action. They engage with their audience and are active.

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