Numerology: Personal Year

Would you like to know what the following year will bring you and what kind of opportunities you will have? Then you just have to ad...

Would you like to know what the following year will bring you and what kind of opportunities you will have?

Then you just have to add up the numbers from your last birthday until you get a single digit number.
Example: If your last birthday was on 11/15/2012 than you add 1 + 1+ 1+ 5+2 +1 + 2= 13 
3 + 1=  4 
So your personal year is 4 and it will last from your last birthday to your next birthday,then after your next birthday your number will be 5 and so on.

Number 1: 
Represents youth, initiative, creativity, energy, strength, and also a desire for independence. Number one contains all the resources that are essential for success. 
Fate - If  you know how to use your energy then you can achieve great success this year. Bad experiences from the past gradually disappear and you are excited to begin a new nine-year cycle in which your fate is very fond of you and happiness will be all around you. 
In the professional field you can expect positive changes, successful results, prizes and great earnings. If you want to start a private business, a year marked by the number 1 gives you a great opportunity to connect with appropriate partners or associates and to start new projects. If you are alone or lonely your desire to meet your soul mate could be accomplished but there is no reason to rush love - enjoy a cosmic rhythm that will take you into a new kind of happiness. If you are in a relationship, it is possible that you will get married or make a commitment. 
Lucky months - April, August and September.

Number 2:
Represents the yin and yang energy, the two scales of the balance, and the two sides of the Moon. This number always tends to balance motherhood and symbolizes the unity and quest for harmony despite all the internal and external differences. 
Fate - This year will take you to a new spiritual development, you will become wiser, but you'll have to learn to be patient. Wait on the professional field for a situation to be clear and then make a decision,don't rush. Your family and colleagues will support you. As far as finances, restrain spending. In love, it all depends on what you had last year. If you are not satisfied with the current situation, make sure you understand your feelings and be sure of your decisions, all the answers you need are in you. If you're happy with someone,it is the right moment to start a life together. If you are alone, there is a possibility that you will meet the partner of your dreams through friends, or at work. But if you fall in love at first sight, do not make any rash and impulsive decisions. This year is not suitable for moving. 
Avoid conflicts with children, partners or parents. 
Lucky months - February, August and November.

Number 3:
The number three symbolizes the powerful trinity of a spiritual, intellectual and emotional world, positive energy, enthusiasm, creativity and a desire for knowledge and communication. 
Fate - This year happiness will follow you, success and happiness will comes through personal transformation. You will get the job of your dreams. Success will give you wings, you will feel a greater desire to socialize, express your emotions and discover new sides of your personality. 
Love-If you are alone, you will have many opportunities. You will more be into short love affairs  and because of that you will miss out on a serious chance, but that will not concern you very much. If you are in a longer relationship, you will have the need to test the partners love and affection. Fortunately, you will quickly get proof of your partners love. 
Lucky months - March, May and July

Number 4:
Symbolism - Number four, symbolizing the four basic points and the sacred (east and west, north and south),which are helping us to orientate in space and time. It also symbolizes continuity, stability and success.
Fate - it is time for the harvest the "golden fruit" of all that you have "planted" in previous years. 
Get all your aces to accomplish and build the future you want. 
Business- Don't trust anyone and only depend on yourself and your work. Seriously approach business and you will achieve your goals. Year in number 4 is ideal for professional development , new projects or to start a new job. Don't expect too much when it comes to love. If you happen to meet the partner of your dreams it can be that your future plans or desires will not match. While you are seeking a stable relationship and security, he or she would still prefer to keep their freedom. But, time will do its work. If you are in a longer relationship, you will have the opportunity through some delicate situations to really see if your love is strong or not. 
Lucky months - June and October.

Number 5 :
Symbolizes lightness, energy and air flow, movement and travel. It is also the number of  freedom. 
Fate - During the past four years you have seriously fulfilled all your duties and now is the time for satisfaction, gratification and your right to happiness. You will feel a new impulse and freedom, you will enjoy life to the fullest. It is possible that your new or regenerated personality will not be accepted and understood by your friends and family and you need to explain what your wishes and feelings are. It's possible that you will change jobs and you'll be ready for a new professional experience. This year you can expect numerous travels and you will meet successful business contacts. You will find yourself at the right moment in the right place. As far as finances, your income increases. At  a emotional level you can expect numerous  adventures, sometimes very passionate but not long lasting.You'll enjoy the present moment not thinking much about the future. Year in number 5, is ideal for changing the place of residence. 
Lucky months - April, August and September

Number 6:
Symbolism - Number 6, is traditionally associated with emotions, art, beauty, imagination, and the planet love - Venus. This number also symbolizes sensuality, generosity and a desire to socialize. 
Fate - Year 6 in numerology goes for the best year in the nine-year cycle.
This year will finally achieve balance between mind, body and heart,  you will find your inner balance, stability and strength. You will take on more responsibility and now your loved ones can depend on you.
You can expect better earnings and success when it comes to business. All the aces are in your hands, but do not show them right away if you want to reach high goals. In love suddenly everything becomes possible or available. If you're single, you will meet many new people and among them the partner of your dreams. If you are in a longer relationship, your love will become stronger and more stable.This year is very good for marriage. 
Lucky months - June, July, and September. 

Number 7:
 Symbolism - The number seven symbolizes the sacred number, the combination of material (number 4) and the spiritual (the number 3) empire. It's shape resembles a constellation of seven stars - the Great Bear. 
Fate- All  that you'll be doing this year will have consequences on the events over the next two years. Year of the number 7, otherwise calls for introspection and reflection. Whatever happens, will make you rethink your attitude and your goals. You will learn many lessons from different life experiences and situations. This is the year of your spiritual growth. On the professional level you will have luck with writing and communications. In love you will have to carefully consider what you really want, and then take action. If you are in a relationship, you are wanting in every way to show your loved one how much you care . If there is a misunderstanding, talk, that is the fastest way that you will get rid of your suspicions. Avoid depressive people and destructive situations. Lucky months - March, May and October

Number 8:
Symbolism - The number eight, due to its shape resembles a sand clock, and symbolizes the time that flows continuously or indefinitely. 
Fate - Results that you will achieve this year depend on you and how much effort you will put into things. Therefore, if something is not the way you want it, do not blame others blame just yourself. If you already have set goals, you will succeed and achieve them. Action brings reaction - it is all connected.
The business field is expected to provide a number of major successes, but also the possibility of some losses. You will have power and your earnings will increase but it all depends on how you will use the power and the money. Whether you are alone or in a relationship,you are dreaming of love or of unusual proofs of love.You're very demanding towards your partner, but you will have to make an effort to awaken the passion again and to get things going. Lucky months - June and December.

Number 9:
Symbolism -No. 9, by tradition, is a symbol of courage,perseverance and that everything that has begun has to end. 
Fate - This year is very spiritual,you will have to look deep into yourself to achieve your goals. This year, most of your activities will be linked to other countries. You will have many contacts with people in other countries and you will learn a lot from those experiences. It is not the time to start a new job. You can expect great success with the work that you have been already doing. 
In business and in love do not only play  one card, because in that case you will have  a new disappointment. As far as money, there can be great earnings, but also higher expenses. Patiently wait before you make any decisions regarding your love life. A wedding in this year is not recommended. If you are single enjoy the freedom and the love affairs but don't make any big plans for the distant future. 
Lucky months - September, November and December. 

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