Ponte Pants | Why You Should Wear Them

What is ponte? Ponte is the name of a fabric.  It's a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch.  Two way stretch is important...

What is ponte?

Ponte is the name of a fabric. It's a thick, double-knit fabric with two-way stretch. Two way stretch is important because it moulds to your body-shape and holds you in at the same time- perfect!

Why you should wear ponte pants:

If you, like me don't like to wear short tops over leggings because they're too thin then ponte pants are the perfect alternative. They are a lot thicker than leggings, kind of like a mix between skinny jean and legging.
The material is very thick, that means no camel toe.

They are very comfortable and go well with short or long tops. They offer more support and are much more flattering than leggings. They make you look taller and they lift your butt. Who doesn't love that?

My ponte pants.

My ponte pants are by Suko Jeans. I totally adore them. The color is perfect for this time of the year and they feel great on my skin. They are easy to style because they go well with anything.
You can order them on Amazon (here) or you can also visit their website to shop.
Follow them on their social sites for coupons, sales and to stay updated.
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Do you own ponte pants or any other ponte item? If not, are you going to give them a try?

Happy Wednesday!

I am wearing:
Suko Ponte Pants | Jacket (here) | Boots similar (here) | Bag (here)

*Brought to you in collaboration with Suko Jeans. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Oh, I know about this Ponte fabric before, it looks so comfortable and nice on you but since I am not a fan of pants I don't think I can wear it :)



    1. Thanks ! You should try maybe you'll change your mind about pants, sure they'd look great on you :) Happy Saturday!

  2. I love me a good stretchy comfortable pants. You look absolutely fab! Great ensemble! :)


  3. I actually did not know the name of fabric, so thanks for letting me know. Love the look, the boots are going great with the trousers xoxo



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