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I know most of you must have a black blazer in your closet and if you don't own one then you definitely need to do some shopping be...

I know most of you must have a black blazer in your closet and if you don't own one then you definitely need to do some shopping because it's just one of those basics that everyone should have in their closet.

It doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man, old or young, a blazer looks good on everyone.
It's great for work, a job interview or a casual business look like mine.

I'm not a fan of  an 'all business look" so I paired my blazer from Rainbow Shops with embroidered jeans and a simple grey top (so soft).
I just can't get enough of these jeans, loving the embroidery.
One of the things I like about this particular blazer is the striped lining, makes it fun.

It was so terribly windy while I was doing this photo shoot and the photos were taken every couple of minutes when the wind decided to give it a rest for a few seconds.
That is just Florida weather if it's not humid, raining or hot than it's windy and I mean hurricane windy.

You can get my 7 Charming Sisters Choker (here)

Fello Eyewear Sunnies (here) use promo leilas_lookbook for 15% off

So, what do you guys think of this look?

Shop my look:

Marled Knit Top with Long Sleeves

Solid Blazer with Striped Lining

Almost Famous Skinny Jeans with Floral Embroidery

Brought to you in collaboration with Rainbow Shops and 7 Charming Sisters. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Ich liebe deine Jeans. Cooler Look

  2. Wow! Great look!
    Love your jeans! :)

    ❤, Sabrina

  3. I agree that black blazer is really must have. Thanks for your iutfit idea, i like how you have styled it with the chocker!

  4. Such a classic staple, everyone should have a black blazer to hand but I love how you styled it with a casual embroidered jean!

  5. Really love the way you dressed down the blazer with the trendy embroidered jeans. It's unexpected and so fun!

    1. Thanks, glad you like how I styled the blazer :)

  6. Die Hose ist klasse, print in immer toll. Blumen perfekt. Der Blazer gefällt mir auch echt gut.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. Vielen lieben dank! Schonen tag wunsche ich dir!

  7. Absolutely love how you styled this black blazer and really love the choker and jeans as well!

  8. this blazer is so so amazing. you are one of the most stylish and beautiful. So incredible.
    Thank you so much for sharing

  9. Leila I am loving how simple yet sophisticated this outfit is! And that necklace is so nice!!

  10. Die Kombination mit dem Blazer sieht klasse aus! Ein cooler everyday-Look!

  11. Love your jeans! Very cool casual look 🙌🏻

  12. Sharp look my dear. Loving the fit and style of your black jacket ;) x

  13. Can't beat a black classic blazer with jeans!
    Tatyana x

  14. Love the way you are wearing a choker

  15. Tolles Outfit! Ein schwarzer Blazer ist einfach ein Klassiker!

    xx frank

  16. I love the look and often pair a black blazer with something gray, like a gray hoodie for example. Classy, yet edgy and you can enter any venue you want to in that looking good! :) So thumbs up for your outfit!

  17. I'm obsessed with embroidery on everything these days.


  18. Wow. Such a great combo ! Love the embroidery !


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