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Flirty, cute and fun that's how I would describe this look. I adore my lace up top from Zaful . It's simple but so chic and cute,...

Flirty, cute and fun that's how I would describe this look. I adore my lace up top from Zaful. It's simple but so chic and cute, perfect for the summer.

Summer,the season for adventure and fun. My summer is going to be full of changes and adventure for me but more details about that some other time.

I'm always scared of change even though I think that it's often good and we have to try new things in order to see if they are right for us or not. If  I don't try something then I will always regret it and think what if, so I think change is good..sometimes. :)

Do you have anything special planned this summer?

Shop my look:

Zaful | Lace Up Waistband Blouson T-Shirt - White

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  1. This sis such a cute and playful summery look, I love the mock corset to your top!

  2. This look is so gorgeous . It's actually one of my fave looks . It flirty and chic for sure . Pure gorgeousness. Also change is always good and most of the time it's for good

  3. oh such sexy and cute outfit babe. Love it
    xoxo, Rachel

  4. I love that top but the skirt is what really speaks to me! such an awesome spring look all around!

  5. It is so interesting what kind of adventures you mean! Can't wait to see!
    By the way, this lace up top looks really sexy!

  6. Ein wirklich super schöner Look!
    Ich mag deine Sonnenbrille!!!

    xx Frank

  7. What a lovely summer outfit! My summer is all about the fashion weeks for men. I'll do London, Florence, Milan, Paris and New York and when I'm done with all those I'll for sure be in need of vacation. I have no idea where to go yet though, but I'll make sure it's someplace where I can do a total digital detox, haha.

  8. Such a completely gorgeous top ! Love the lace up look lately and this top from @zaful is perfect!

  9. Das Muster von deinem Rock sieht toll aus :)


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