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A world where women support and inspire each other, that is the kind of world that X Jewellery believes in. You all know that I love ...

A world where women support and inspire each other, that is the kind of world that X Jewellery believes in.
You all know that I love brands that give back and what X Jewellery is doing is such a fantastic way to do that.
A Danish company who was founded on a commitment to see women strive. They give 10% of their annual profit to a woman striving to make a difference. The X Foundation works hand in hand with their X Calendar heroes and chooses a worthy recipient.

The bracelets are made from a set of links chosen by you to tell your story or passions.
The links come in Silver, Bronze and Rubber X. Since they have an x shaped opening you can exchange them whenever you feel like it. I loved browsing their site and looking at the wonderful designs and meanings of the links.

My favorite thing about the X Jewellery bracelet is the feeling that no one else has an identical bracelet. It's my story.

I chose to tell part of my story with the following:
Ocean Blue Rubber X , Silver Order in Chaos, Karma and Bronze DNA links.

Why those?

Ocean Blue Rubber X | Love the calm blue color.

Silver Karma | I truly believe in Karma and believe in doing good and giving back. I think whatever energy you put out there, that is the energy that you're going to get back. Kind of like a boomerang.

Silver Order in Chaos | Many times in my life whenever there was chaos and things were confusing, order stepped in, it somehow made things better than they were before the chaos. So, the chaos was really necessary.
Does that make sense? 

Bronze DNA | Family is very important to me and not just the immediate family but I think we all need to know our ancestry and history in order to know ourselves better. I believe everything is connected and the past is equally important as the present and future.

Shop my links:
Bronze DNA |

Or visit their web shop (here) to find your links and take 20% off your order with the code HappyShoppingApril

You can also sign up for their Newsletter (here) to get 10% off your first purchase but it can't be combined with the code above.

Svijet u kojem zene podrzavaju jedna drugu, to je svijet u koji X Jewellery vjeruje.
Znate da ja volim brendove koji vole da pomazu drugima, a nacin na koji to X Jewellery radi je fantastican.
To je danska kompanija koja je osnovana na vjerovanju da pomogne zenama. Oni daju 10% svog godisnjeg profita jednoj zeni koja nastoji da napravi neku razliku u drustvu. Njihova X Fondacija radi zajedno sa svojim X Kalendar herojima i bira dostojnog pobjednika.

Narukvice su napravljene od niza linkova koje sami odaberete da bi ispricali svoju priču ili strasti.
Linkovi su srebreni, bronzani i guma X. Pošto imaju X otvor možete kada god pozelite mijenjati ili nadopunjavati linkove. Ja volim njihov dizajn, vrlo je jedinstven i lijep.

Ja sam dio svoje price ispricala sa slijedecim linkovima:
Ocean Blue Rubber X, Srebreni Mir u Kaosu, Karma i Bronzani DNK.
Zašto sam bas te izabrala?

Ocean Blue Rubber X | Volim tu smirujucu plavu boju.

Srebrena Karma | Ja zaista vjerujem u karmu i vjerujem da cineci dobro, dobro vam se i vrati. Energija koju dajete, tu i dobijete. Slicno kao bumerang.

Srebreni Mir u Kaosu| Mnogo puta u životu kada vlada kaos, sve je zbunjujuće i nakon toga dodje red, bude nekako bolje nego sto je bilo prije. Utvari shvatimo da je taj kaos bio potreban. Da li vam ima smisla ovo sto ste sada procitali?

Bronzani DNK | Porodica je vrlo važna za mene, a ne samo uža porodica, nego mislim da svi treba da znamo o nasim predacima i nasoj historiji. Vjerujem da je sve povezano i nasa proslost je jednako vazna kao sadasnjost i buducnost.

Brought to you in collaboration with X Jewellery. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I really love the concept behind these bracelets! From how you can customize them to how they give back and empower women! <3

  2. This gorgeous bracelet is amazing and it makes it even more amazing when some portion goes to good cause . Design is gorgeous

  3. I believe in Karma too. Very beautiful and interesting bracelet!
    Great choice, Leila!

  4. Such a cute and unique design but also such a great cause to get behind. Whats not to like!

  5. Der Materialmix sieht toll aus - wirklich einzigartig :)

  6. This is truly amazing! I love the fact that each bracelet tells its own unique story and it's fabulous that a portion goes to a good cause !

  7. When reading this post I felt we have so much in common. The fashion aspect aside, I mean, I also love companies who give back just like this Danish brand does, but also what you say about karma and how ancestry is important and that everything in universe is connected in one way or another.
    That's why I'm sending you lots of love!


  8. I truly believe in Karma too!
    Thats really an interesting bracelet!!

    xx frank

  9. This article is absolutely fantastic! The information presented here is incredibly valuable and has been immensely beneficial to me. buy silver anklets online india


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