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Handbags, no outfit is complete without them. We need them to look stylish, be durable, of good quality, practical and all our stuff h...

Handbags, no outfit is complete without them. We need them to look stylish, be durable, of good quality, practical and all our stuff has to fit inside, even though we usually have too much and it's often unnecessary, but we can't leave it out. Right?

So, I have a new friend which is all of the above. It's my COCOVANN Navy Work Space Leather Satchel
The Saffiano leather bag which is very lightweight is perfect for every day. It radiates with timeless elegance and beauty.
The satchel is not bulky but still has so much space inside and because of the shape of the bag and the slip pockets I find everything very fast.

Shop my look:

 COCOVANN Navy Work Space Leather Satchel Promo LEILASLOOKBOOK40 for 40% OFF
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If you'd like to get one too visit Cocovann and use the discount code LEILASLOOKBOOK40 for 40% off.
It's applicable only to the AW16 Collection which consists of 8 bags and you can find mine there too :) Happy Shopping!

Torbe, nijedan outfit nije potpun bez njih. One moraju da izgledaju stilski, budu trajne, kvalitetne, praktične i sve naše stvari moraju da stanu unutra, iako obicno imamo previse nepotrebnih stvarcica. Zar ne?

Dakle, imam novu prijateljicu koja je sve od gore navedenog. To je moja Cocovann kožna torbica koja je vrlo lagana i savršena za svaki dan. Ona odiše elegancijom i ljepotom.
Torba nije glomazna, ali ipak ima mnogo prostora unutra i zbog njenog oblika i unutrasnjih dzepova sve brzo nadjem.

Ako i vi zelite ovakvu torbu koristite promo LEILASLOOKBOOK40 za 40% popusta na  AW16 kolekciju. Ugodan Shopping!

Brought to you in collaboration with Cocovann. All opinions expressed are my own

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  1. Loving the shape of this bag so much. As you said, it's a classic and the perfect compliment to any outfit!

  2. Leila, this bag is absolute perfection . I was in love with it when you posted this bag on IG . So much detail and pure elegance and you are definitely showing us how it goes amazing with any style .
    Thank you

  3. I like your new friend!!! And i find satchel is always good idea, you are right! I will definetely use your discount!!!

  4. I couldn't agree with you more, no outfit is complete without a bag and what a bag that one is! Totally love it.

  5. Die Tasche ist wirklich zeitlos und schön :)

  6. Love a classic bag and adore the shirt styling here!


  7. Really love the shape and color of the bag and you've styled it to perfection ! Truly beautiful and timeless !

  8. I absolutely hear you. I can't live without my totes and carryalls and I basically have my whole life in them so, not really knowing what I find in there when I actually undertake the complicated procedure of emptying them. This handbag from Cocovann is really beautiful and goes perfectly with your style! :)


  9. Love your bags - the shapes and colors are so classy but yet not boring!

    xx frank


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