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Nicer weather is on it's way at least I hope so because it's still a little cold over here in Germany but it has to come sometim...

Nicer weather is on it's way at least I hope so because it's still a little cold over here in Germany but it has to come sometime. Right?
When it finally arrives you surely want to be prepared with new clothes, especially short summer dresses.

Gingham is a medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn. It is made of carded, medium or fine yarns, where the colouring is on the warp yarns and always along the grain 

Dresses are supposed to make us feel sexy pretty and girly. I love dresses that are short but still classy.
It's very important when choosing a short dress to make sure that it looks classy but still has a flirty and sexy touch to it.
Off the shoulder dresses are very cute, fun and they are going to remain a trend this year, I really love those.

This dress is perfect for the summer.Cute flirty but still classy. It makes a really nice figure and hides the stomach area if that is not the part you want to show off then it's the dress for you.

has so many options when it comes to dresses, especially Gingham Dresses which are so hot right now.

Their dresses are such amazing quality but still affordable and I say that from experience because my closet is full of their items.
If you need some inspiration and tips, you can find so many interesting things on their blog.

Tips when choosing a dress:

Make sure you know your body shape. If you are petite go for a long slim dress and if you are taller you can try a flowy dress which is a No for the petite woman.

If you are pear shaped with full hips and tights stick to wearing dresses that are just and inch or two over the knee, not too short because if you do, it will just make you look wider.

If you don't want to put attention on your arms, avoid sleeveless dresses, try three-quarter sleeves.

Remember to find a dress that emphasizes all the features that you like and hides all the areas that you are not so fond of.

For example I prefer shorter dresses than longer because I just feel more comfortable in them and I think they look better on me than the long ones.

Floral High Slit Ruffles Maxi Off Shoulder Dress - Pink M


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