Why Ontario is Perfect for Your First Trip to Canada

 Why Ontario is Perfect for Your First Trip to Canada People from all over the world make their way into Canada every year. It's well kn...

 Why Ontario is Perfect for Your First Trip to Canada

People from all over the world make their way into Canada every year. It's well known as one of the friendliest and most varied countries on Earth, yet many still aren't sure how a trip to Canada would look. What would they do? Where should they go? The country is vast and seemingly endless, and many aren't sure where to start.

Here's the best plan for nearly every traveler and why Ontario is the place to be.

If You’re Driving In

Ontario is right above Detroit, just a bridge away, and because of this, it's the number one place in Canada that people from America enter the country. If you're planning on driving into Canada, there's no place better than Ontario. From Canada's capital, Ottawa, to the most diverse city on Earth, Toronto, Ontario has a lot to offer. Driving in gives you the chance to go from city to city and enjoy everything. You'll get to take in the beautiful scenery while also getting the opportunity to peruse ​Halton real estate​ when you fall in love with the province.

Mix In Affordability and Experience

Ontario is a fantastic place to go if you want to save money during your vacation. Although staying in Toronto would be expensive, you can stay just outside of the city in an Airbnb and then drive in to enjoy everything cheap the city has to offer. This city has more to offer, from free museums and gardens to inexpensive and delicious food, than some entire provinces do.

In both of Ontario's major cities, ​public transit is also affordable​. You can save money instead of renting a car, and take the bus or train anywhere you want to go. Public transit is a blindingly bright improvement against the lack of public transit across the bridge in Detroit.

Mostly English Speakers

Although some mistakenly think that Ontario is part of French Canada, it's not. There are some pockets where people speak mostly French, but Ontario is an English-speaking province. This is perfect for first-time visitors who ​don’t have a handle on the French language​ and want to immerse themselves in a similar culture that’s still removed from their own. You can enjoy listening to people speaking other languages and immerse yourself in the hundreds of cultures that call Toronto home without ever having to worry about not knowing how to ask for help or get directions.

Pleasant Summers, Easier Winters

Ontario isn't snow-free by any means​, but its winters aren't as bad as those in Quebec. In contrast, it has dazzlingly warm and beautiful Summers, with temperatures reaching 80 degrees Fahrenheit and pleasant afternoon rain keeping the air from overheating visitors. This perfect mixture of weather means green summers, fewer fires in the fall than some other provinces, and a more extended tourist season.


 There's only one drawback to Ontario, which is that you'll never want to leave! With the friendliest people, the best views, and the greatest bang for your buck, you'll want to call this Province home.

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