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Retro Looks. I'm a big fan of them and often like to add a retro touch to my outfit. The following  dress  and  blouse  are from  R...

Retro Looks. I'm a big fan of them and often like to add a retro touch to my outfit. The following dress and blouse are from RoseGal, They have a great collection of vintage style dresses and blouses.

The dress reminds me of the 50's and the blouse is so Victorian. I chose different places for the photo shoot, somehow the train station felt so right for the dress and the blouse...well, just felt like an old plantation style house.

I love how the fashion world is changing, always inventing new styles but also always bringing back the old ones, only with a touch of our time. So basically nothing ever goes out of style forever we just have to hope it comes around at the right time and that we are ready to embrace it.

Shop my looks:

RoseGal |  Ruffles Vintage Chiffon Blouse - Beige 

Bag | 88 Handbags

What do you think of these looks? Which style do you prefer?

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Retro looks. Ja ih bas volim i često dodam retro touch mojoj garderobi. Naredna haljina i bluza su iz RoseGal, Oni imaju veliku kolekciju vintage haljina i bluza. Haljina me podsjeća na 50-te a, bluza na Viktorijansko doba.

Izabrala sam različita mjesta za slikanje. Nekako mi je željeznička stanica bila pravo mjesto za haljinu a, bluza me je vukla ka kucama kakve su prije bile na plantazama.

Volim kako se svijet mode mijenja, uvijek izmišljajuci nove stilove, ali i uvijek vraćajuci stare, samo s dodirom našeg vremena. Dakle, u osnovi ništa ne izlazi iz mode zauvijek mi se samo trebamo nadati da se vrati u pravom trenutku i da smo spremni da to prihvatimo.

Šta mislite ovim retro looks? Koji vam se stil bolje dopada?

Brought to you in collaboration with Rosegal. All opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Your retro looks are so so beautiful!
    What nice dresses you always choose!
    Thanks for inspo!

  2. I have someteimes retro touch in my style too.
    Blouse is amazing! Need one!
    Have a nice day!

  3. The choice of locations for these retro pieces were really well thought through and I especially adore the Victorian blouse! You're quite right. I also love how fashion keeps inventing new things, but also giving us back some oldies, but in an updated and contemporary version. That's what's so good about our ever changing fashion, it always goes back to its roots in one way or another.

  4. These throwback retro styles are so on point! I'm loving the way they fit you so perfectly!

  5. These outfits are all too cute and classy. Love them both.
    xoxo, Rachel

  6. I adore that top on you, all those delicate layers and ruffles just make the the most beautiful shapes. I love your modern styling of the pieces helps to lighten them up.

  7. omg I love the second look!
    Ruffles - ruffles everywhere!! love.

    xx frank

  8. Not only do you look completely stunning on these retro inspired looks from Rosegal but the location is fabulous! I love these looks and definitely will be visiting their site !!!

  9. You've got such a fabulous style Leila! Hot stuff!! ;)

  10. Oh wow that blouse is incredible!! love the dress too but the blouse....

    Tatyana x

  11. These retro looks are looking amazing on you. Anything you wear is automatically next level and without even hesitation, i can say that these are the most beautiful looks.

  12. Die nude farbende Bluse ist einfach der Hammer! Mein Fav-LooK!


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