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So many mothers don’t know what to wear to their daughters big day. The important thing is that you always consult with the bride. The ...

 A-Line Long Bat Sleeves Chiffon Mother Of The Bride Dress 265LF

So many mothers don’t know what to wear to their daughters big day. The important thing is that you always consult with the bride. The mother of the bride is special and should stand out from the bridesmaids. It’s a good idea to wear a similar color as the bridesmaids but in a deeper shade. Black was always a no for weddings but the time has changed, so that works too as long as the bride is comfortable with it.

Weddings are elegant so the dress should not  be with a plunging neckline or see through. It also shouldn’t be too much because all eyes should be on the bride. Elegant prints and florals are a yes but not too many and too loud prints which can be just too much for the photos, very overpowering. Pant suits AND chiffon and jackets with a dress are also a great idea but the mother of the bride should always co-ordinate with the mother of the groom and see if they will be wearing short or long dresses or pant suits. At the end of the day the most important thing is to consult with the bride and see what she would like for you on her special day. 

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The mother of the bride gets to shop before the mother of the groom and they have to match but a better idea is if they would go shopping together. Another thing is they both have to be comfortable because it’s going to be a long and busy day for all and you don’t want to wear an uncomfortable dress. 

Take it easy with the jewelry. A little sparkle never hurt anyone, but don’t go crazy with embellishments and accessories. You should look beautiful, but the focus should be kept on the bride. 

Nothing should be done last minute so it’s very important to go shopping on time because sizes and colors can be sold out very fast. Know your exact measurements especially if you’re shopping online. You ain’t want to order the wrong size and then loose time returning it or exchanging itAnything in the same color as the brides dress should be avoided because she is the star and should be the center of attention. 

Don’t forget to get your makeup, nails and hair done professionally because it's such a big day and you want everything to be perfect . Also everything you wear should photograph well, your dress and makeup also depend on the location and the time of the day when the wedding will take place. If it’s at night your makeup should be darker as for a wedding at day time it should be fresh and light. I have picked out some beautiful dress ideas from VaniaDress for you below.The also have prom dresses. Have fun browsing

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